DEL has planned several airport projects at Israel’s main international airport, Ben Gurion Airport, and has been involved in many development and upgrading programs. We have expertise in  the following  areas 
 Runway planning ●
 Taxiway & taxilane planning ●
  Apron planning ●

Airport planning is a unique field in civil engineering that requires expertise in a variety of areas, for everything from passenger plane lotsaprons, cargo aplane lotsprons, shuttle routesservice
roads, air and land thoroughfares, pavement planning, traffic planning and coordination of unique airport-related systems (fuel hydrant system, 400Hz electricity, drainage, floud light

At DEL, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a complete planning package for your project, through work performed directly by the company or by sub- contractors in fields outside of our specializations


Urban areas are more than just buildings and infrastructures. They are vibrant places where people live and as such, require understanding of both the built environment as well as the economic, social and political factors that influence it. Planning urban projects is a large-scale undertaking that takes into account transportation, architecture, real estate, land and energy, environment, society and economics.

Planning begins with analysis of data and the area, gaining familiarity with the land and the construction of a master plan for its best utilization. Next comes understanding the regional climate, adapting the construction plan accordingly, and planning practical infrastructures for water and sewage, waste treatment, noise, vegetation, sanitation, light quality, air quality, etc.

DEL has planned several projects at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, and been involved in many development and upgrading programs.

Ingenuity, vision and professionalism bring us to the forefront of this field.