Bravo Lot, Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport’s Bravo Lot, which serves arriving cargo planes, required an upgrade to meet modern safety standards and new fleets.

Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s main international and busiest airport, handling more than 21 million passengers a year and 220 airplanes every day.  As part of airport’s ongoing upgrades, the Israel Airports Authority decided to renovate and upgrade the Bravo Lot, to accommodate the fleet of new aircraft arriving at the airfield.

This project included dismantling the existing lot down to its foundation, including the lot pavement and all systems, and reconstructing it in accordance with modern standards and the current and future mix of aircraft. The lot includes 14 aircraft stands, including one for a 747-800.

The challenges that we met here included included planning and working in an active airport and near busy runways, building a cargo area that meets special cargo-specific needs. Due to the proximity to the cargo terminals and the lack of airplane parking spaces, the lot could be closed for a minimal amount of time so work had to be carried out in stages to minimize the impact on cargo terminal activities.

אתגרים מיוחדים:

  1. תכנון עבודה בשדה תעופה פעיל ובסמוך למסלולים פעילים.
  2. רחבת בראבו הינה רחבת מטענים וככזו, נדרשים בה מאפיינים יחודיים המתאימים רק לרחבות מטענים.
  3. לאור הקרבה למסופי המטענים ומחסור בעמדות חניה למטוסים בשדה התעופה, נדרש כי השבתת הרחבה תהיה לפרק זמן מינימאלי ולכן תוכנן ביצוע הרחבה בשלבים, על מנת שהפגיעה בפעילות מסופי המטענים תהיה מינימאלית.


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Concrete pavement
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