Fourth Arm At Terminal 3, Ben Gurion Airport

Construction of two new aircraft lots, as part of the expansion of Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3, including transportation routes and parking spaces.

Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s main international and busiest airport, handling more than 21 million passengers annually. To accommodate the increasing number of airplanes every year, two new aircraft lots were constructed. One is located on the western side of the terminal and includes seven remote aircraft stands. The other is on the eastern side of the terminal and includes 15 aircraft stands; eight are positioned around the new branch, seven are remotely positioned and accessible by bus.

The project included paving airplane transportation routes and parking spaces made of concrete slabs for medium and large passenger planes, and was carried out concurrently with airport operations.

Challenges included planning for modern aircraft including the Airbus 380, Boeing 747-800, Boeing 787, dealing with thick clay soil, using rigid concrete pavement, coordinating airport specific infrastructures such as fuel systems, electrical systems, air conditioning systems, etc. and coping with aircraft wheel weight (90 tons versus 40 tons on roads).

אתגרים מרכזיים:

  1. תכנון למטוסים חדישים ובניהם Airbus-380, Boing 747-800, Boing787.
  2. התמודדות עם קרקע חרסיתית שמנה.
  3. תכנון מיסעה בטון קשיחה.
  4. תאום תשתיות ייחודיות לשדה תעופה (מערכות דלק, מערכות חשמל, מערכות מיזוג)
  5. התמודדות עם עומס שימושי לא שגרתי של גלגלי המטוסים (90 טון לעומת סטנדרט של 40 טון בכבישים).


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