Our Story

DEL was established in 1977 when the company’s founders, Gad Weinstein, Dani Halpern, Ilan Lifshin and Dan Groner, four long-time friends and former members of the Surveying & Civil Engineering Company, decided to combine their strengths and skills and build an engineering company, from the ground up.

Their vision was enormous: to create a company that would provide transportation, residential and infrastructure civil engineering services in the State of Israel. They rented small offices in the heart of Tel Aviv so they would be easily accessible, worked in crowded conditions with limited resources, and embarked on a path of working hard, dreaming big and planning well.

The founders are proud of their first project. It was a surveying project conducted when the most advanced technology they had was manual field measurement and aerial photography simply didn’t exist. The project, labor intensive, hard, and conducted under Israel’s blazing sun, was a huge success and DEL started building its reputation as a professional, accurate, project-oriented company. That was the first of a series of projects that formed the foundation of the company.

Passion and interest drives everything we do here at DEL. Professionalism, experience, familiarity with diverse work methods, adoption of new technologies, listening to clients – these are the skills and tools we bring with us to every project.

Shared values, constant collaboration, friendship and family are the elements that makes DEL Israel’s leading civil engineering company.

Today’s Offices

The Early Days

We are proud to lead the country’s biggest projects Connecting traditional values with progress and innovation

A connection between traditional values ​​and progress and innovation