Our Vision & Values

DEL Engineering aspires to continue to be a leader in the fields of engineering and transportation through ongoing professional development in diverse fields of engineering and by adapting to the challenges and transformations that are shaping the future.

In order to achieve these goals, we adhere to the values we’ve set for ourselves as a company.

Professionalism and responsibility: We believe that in our fields of activity, maintaining professionalism and taking responsibility are the most significant values that contribute to our success.

Creativity and initiative: In every engineering challenge, we lead the development of solutions and assess them through flexible, multidisciplinary thinking. We encourage openness, criticism
and freedom of action.

Integrity and respect: These values are central to every new relationship that we build, and to those that we have maintained for years, with other companies and organizations. They are also fundamental to the interpersonal relations within the company.

Personal approach: To ensure that we give professional service to every client, each project is guided by a company partner who personally leads the project, is available to the client, and is an authorized representative of the company for every matter.

Future: Just as we plan and manage our projects with the future in mind, our unique organizational structure is designed to offer employees professional advancement, thereby creating a sense of security and a home for the future.

Collaboration, communication and coordination are at the heart of every project.

Collaboration and internal communication within the organization contribute to the success of the projects