Highway 1

The main highway that connects Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is one of Israel’s busiests roads, and was long due for an upgrade.

Highway 1 is a busy highway that connects Israel’s most populated city to its main urban center. Many sections of this highway were in need of repair, for reasons such as limited shoulders, lanes suitable only for low speeds and the absence of a security rail.

This project includes upgrading the road to a two-way, three-lane road with shoulders. In many sections, geometry was updated to meet current guidelines, improving road safety and increasing travel comfort and capacity.

Some highlights of the project include the construction of an 800m bridge over the Motza Valley and tunnels connecting the two parts of Mevasseret to the north and south of Highway
1. Challenges included tunneling near a very busy highway, dealing with underground water
flows under the road embankment and implementing engineering elements in sensitive hilly

אתגרים מרכזיים:

  1. ביצוע מנהור בסמוך לכביש 1 הפעיל.
  2. טיפול בזרימות תת קרקעיות בעמק צוצא מתחת לסוללת הכביש.
  3. ביצוע אלמנטים הנדסיים בשטח עתיקות רגיש ביותר כגון שלוחת קולוניה.


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