Highway 6, Section 21/2

Highway 6 is a high-speed multi-lane road that extends 170km across Israel, from north to south. This section, from Rahat to Shoket, includes five interchanges.

Highway 6 is a two-way high-speed multi-lane road that is a toll road in several sections. It extends from Northern En Tut in the north to Southern Ma’ahaz in the south. Section 21/2, which extends from Rahat Interchange in the north to Shoket South Interchange with Route 60 in the south, opened in 2016.

This section is a high-speed multi-lane two-way road that includes five interchanges. Main challenges in this project include complex design and implementation of road embankments, for maximum use of local material and engineering solutions for the underground streams along the historic route of the Sansana River and an existing water reservoir.

אתגרים מרכזיים

  1. תכנון וביצוע מורכב של סוללות הכביש לשימוש מרבי בחומר מקומי
  2. פתרונות הנדסיים לטיפול בזרימות תת קרקעיות בתוואי היסטורי של נחל סנסנה ומאגר מים קיים.


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