Route 431

Route 431 is an important part of Israel’s national road system, connecting Modi’in in the east with Highway 20 (Netivei Ayalon) in the west.

The road, which opened in 2009, was a complex project that involved 15 years of planning, and included coordination with dozens of consultants and several municipalities. The road has six lanes over a total of 21km. It crosses many existing roads and required the construction of 12 interchanges. It also includes 54km of service roads, including exits and entrance ramps.

The construction of Route 431 was the first time in which a public project was carried out in collaboration with the private sector (PFI).  This required a unique vision, particularly in terms of maintenance and management of the private companies involved over the years. A concessionaire was appointed to implement the road and has been maintaining it for 25 years.

אתגרים מרכזיים

  1. תכנון מגה פרויקט בפרק זמן קצר.
  2. פרויקט ראשון מסוגו בארץ שיצא למכרז PFI.
  3. תכנון מחלף תלת קומתי (עין הקורא) המחבר את הדרכים 431, 42 ו-4311.  


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