The Purple Line in Gush Dan

The Purple Line, part of the light rail system in the Gush Dan area, connects the city of Tel Aviv to Givat Shmuel, Kiryat Ono and Yehud.

Thousands of people commute from the cities surrounding Tel Aviv-Jaffa into the city every business day, resulting in heavy traffic on surrounding roads and highways. The Purple Line, part of the massive light rail transit project now underway in the Gush Dan area, will bring commuters in and out of the city during peak hours, reducing traffic on the highways and providing people with a convenient alternative to private cars.

The Purple Line is one of five project lines. It is 29km of light rail and includes 45 stations. In planning the project, special emphasis was placed on connecting the line with other transportation lines, including the Red and Green Lines, railroad stations, bus stops and bus stations. The project includes upgrades to roads, public transportation and bicycle paths.

The planning team had to deal with existing urban roads that included hundreds of infrastructures that had to be diverted from the tracks. In addition, work had to be carried out in a densely populated urban area while regular activity continued. From a public perspective, the planning team had to come up with solutions to convince residents of the project’s long-term advantages, in light of the short-term inconveniences.

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  3. תכנון הממשק של הרכבת הקלה עם הרכב הפרטי במיוחד בצמתים


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