The Red Line in Jerusalem

The light rail in Jerusalem was the first light rail project to be planned and implemented in Israel. It passes between Pisgat Ze’ev in the north, along Bar Lev Road, through the city center along Jaffa Street, and reaches Mount Herzl. It is 14 kilometers long and includes 23 stations.

The line includes two railway bridges: the Chords Bridge at the entrance to the city and the Yekutiel Adam Bridge, and a tunnel over which the rail passes.

The depot for the Red Line is in French Hill, and covers an area of 42,000m2. It includes a control and operations center, a central garage for the train, workshops and maintenance areas for routine care, and a night car park for the trains.

This was the very first project of its kind in Israel. One of its most sizeable challenges was connecting Jaffa Street to Herzl Boulevard at the entrance to the city. This was done with the construction of the iconic Chords Bridge.


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