Highway 20

Highway 531 is a road in the Sharon area that starts in the west at Highway 20 and reaches Highway 6. Part of this project is Road N 20.

This project includes the continuation of Highway 20 (Ayalon Highway) northward in the segment between the Shiv’at HaKokhavim Interchange in Herzliya and the connection to Highway 2.

We planned the project along Highway 20 (detailed and implementation stages) and supervised two different contractors, each of whom dealt with a different section. The southern section includes Highway 20 until it connects to Highway 531 and includes additional ramps at the existing Shiv’at HaKokhavim Interchange, a diamond-shaped interchange at Medinat
HaYehudim Street in Herzliya, and a systemic three-story interchange (Shmaryahu East) which allows direct traffic in all directions to Highways 531, 20 and 2. As part of this segment, the coastal tracks were upgraded, including the connection to the Sharon tracks via underpasses. Four tracks were implemented which constitute a significant upgrade to the Israel Railway

The northern section includes connecting the Shmaryahu East Interchange to the coastal road by means of a diagonal, 500m bridge that crosses the existing railway track, and the upgradingof Highway 2 to Shefayim, including the Hof Hasharon Interchange, which creates underpasses between the two sides of the coastal road in the Shefayim area. Main challenges include adjusting the Shmaryahu Interchange due to groundwater discovered during its implementation, building a flood prevention embankment, and working near Petroleum and Energy Infrastructures lines.

The project’s first phase opened to traffic at the beginning of 2017; the second part is expected to open in early 2019.

אתגרים מרכזיים:

  • התאמת מחלף שמריהו למפלס מי התהום שהתגלו במהלך הביצוע.
  • בניית סוללת הגנה מפני הצפות מים של אזור הבאסה.
  • תיאום ועבודה בסמוך לקווי תשן.


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