Neighborhood 21 in Shoham

This new neighborhood, at Shoham’s southern entrance, includes 1,450 residential units and all the infrastructure needed to support them.

Shoham is located about 27km from Tel Aviv and 36km from Jerusalem. Like many Israeli suburbs, it’s growing at a rapid pace, thanks to its close proximity to major business centers and the variety of accessible commuting options.

Neighborhood 21 is located at Shoham’s southern entrance, north of Highway 453 and west of Highway 444. Planning for the neighborhood includes, among other things, traffic and roads, drainage systems, development and the construction of five bridges: two for vehicles and three for pedestrians. One of these bridges will be over an ancient arched Turkish bridge.

אתגרים מרכזיים

  1. תכנון וביצוע מורכב של סוללות הכביש לשימוש מרבי בחומר מקומי
  2. פתרונות הנדסיים לטיפול בזרימות תת קרקעיות בתוואי היסטורי של נחל סנסנה ומאגר מים קיים.


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